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    LOCALiQ | Columbus knows that providing effective multi-media marketing solutions for our clients is not enough. Being full marketing partners is our goal. We feel that partnership includes us providing compelling seminars for local business decision makers like you.

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    Navigating Your Business in a Crisis

    Everything’s changed since the coronavirus has gripped Ohio and the nation.

    But LOCALiQ | Columbus and The Dispatch want to help your business any way we can during these difficult days.

    We’re offering complimentary marketing resources to local businesses, including a free webinar this Friday at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Topics we’ll touch on during both sessions include:

    • Adjusting your messaging
    • How gift cards, call-ins and pickups can help your business
    • Plus we’ll brainstorm ideas, talk about some behavioral market research and more

    We want to be your local marketing resource — and we’ll get through this, together!

    LOCALiQ | Columbus
    Bottom Edge
    Google Partners Connect: Retail
    WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20, 2018

    Join us for 
    Google Partners Connect: Retail

    Date: June 20, 2018
    Time: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM 
    Location: To Be Determined

    Lunch will be provided!

    The role brick and mortar stores play in shopping experiences is changing. Today's shoppers are more informed, purposeful and better prepared than ever before. Join us on June 20 for a live streaming event and learn from Google thought leaders, who will discuss retail trends and how you can make an impact with digital marketing!



    Google Partners Connect: Local
    TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2018

    Join us for 
    Google Partners Connect: Local

    Date: May 2, 2018
    Time: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM 
    Location: The Upper 90 Lounge at Mapfre Stadium

    Lunch will be provided!

    There are billions of local searches happening on Google every day. Celebrate National Small Business week with DMG+ThriveHive by joining us for a live-stream event, where we will show how businesses can get in front of customers in their areas and share best practices for using Google My Business features, among other online marketing strategies.


    Achieving Work/Life Balance
    Join us for an exclusive breakfast seminar 
    on April 11 to learn more from expert panelists 
    about Achieving Work/Life Balance

    Join us for conversation with professionals from The Ohio State University. We will come together to explore industry trends, exchange ideas and reflect on how to balance personal and professional priorities in 2018.

    Topics to be explored include:

    • What does work/life balance mean to you?
    • How do you balance your personal and professional life?
    • How do you create a work/life balance among your team?
    • How do you address balance as part of an interview and onboarding process?
    • Kim Lambert, Manager of Recruitment, Executive Recruitment, Office of Human Resources
    • Nicole Nieto, PhD, Program Director for Ohio State ADVANCE, Office of Research
    • Marilyn Bury Rice, Director of the Lhota Office of Alumni Career Management, The Ohio State University Alumni Association
    • Kimberly Shumate, JD, Associate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Office of Human Resources

    How to Grow Your Healthcare Services Business Online
    TUESDAY, MARCH 13, 2018

    Google Partners Connect: Video!

    Date: Tuesday, March 13, 2018
    Time: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM 
    Location: Versa Works Grandview
    1201 Dublin Road, Columbus OH, 43215

    • 86% of business-related video views take place on desktop browsers
    • 85% of businesses now have internal staff and resources to produce videos in-house
    • 1 billion hours of view time per day on YouTube
    • 1 hour+ of time spend per day on YouTube mobile
    *Sources: HubSpot, You Tube

    Google Partners Connect: Mobile

    LIVESTREAM EVENT: 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
    DISCUSSION: 11-11:30 AM; 1:30 - 2:00 PM

    Location: The Columbus Dispatch
    5300 Crosswind Drive Columbus, Oh 43228


    Jimmy Morrow, Global Mobile Lead @ Google
    Jimmy will explain how businesses can get ahead by adjusting their advertising strategies to target consumers where they are spending their time.

    Dayne Seiden, Global Mobile Lead @ Google 
    Dayne will speak about how businesses can leverage Google's Mobile tools to connect with customers in the right place at the right time.

    DMG Google
    Google Partners Connect: Livestream Event

    DMG+ThriveHive: How to Grow Your Helathcare Services Business Online

    Event Date:  Wednesday, October 18

    How to Grow Your Healthcare Services Business Online
    We're partnering with Google to host a free event on Wednesday, October 18 all about growing your Healthcare Services business online. We'll cover some tips and tricks on how to find new leads and make the most of your online marketing investment. We'd love for you to join us and invite anyone you think would benefit.

    More Effective Recruitment Solutions

    Event Date:  Friday, June 9

    Topics Included:

    • Power Resume Search 
      Find more accurate, better quality matches for your openings
    • Monster Social Job Ads 
      Give your Social Recruiting a Boost with Job Ads that are automatically targeted to candidates on Twitter and Facebook
    • Monster Talent CRM 
      Use Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) can save time in your recruitment strategy
    • TalentBin by Monster 
      Recruiting candidates with specialized software, design and finance skills

    Featured Presenter: 

    Seth Ryan, Partner Relationship Manager, Monster 

    Inclusive Recruitment and Hiring Practices - Featuring The Ohio State University 

    Event Date:  Tuesday, March 28, 2017

    Topics Included:

    • Recruiting diverse candidates
    • Understanding implicit bias
    • Implicit bias in the hiring process
    • Creating an inclusive culture in the workplace


    • Kim Lambert • Manager of Recruitment, Executive Recruitment, Office of Human Resources           
    • Nicole Nieto, PhD • Program Manager for Ohio State ADVANCE, Office of Research           
    • Donnie Perkins • Chief Diversity Officer, College of Engineering           
    • Yolanda Zepeda • Assistant Vice President, Office of Diversity and Inclusion 

    Take Charge of Your Marketing

    Event Date:  Tuesday, November 15 - 8:30 AM EST

    Topics Included:

    Hear from a Google specialist and find out how you can:

    • Reach qualified customers
    • Impact purchase decisions
    • Drive sales
    • Grow your business


    Webinar:  Learn How To Build Trust Through Technology

    Event Date:  Thursday, September 22 - 2PM EST

    Topics Included:

    • Building Trust - How we Build it, Keep it Or How We Can Easily Lose it
    • Best of Breed Communication and Collaboration Tools:

    All registrants will receive a video recording and slide deck from the event regardless of attendance.

    DMG+ThriveHive invites you to Connect with Google and DMG+ThriveHive

    Event Date:  Friday, October 7
    Venue: The Bluestone

    Topic: Profit-driven Marketing

    Featured Panelist: 

    • Sheldon Bernstein Google Sales Strategy, Enablement, Insights 

    Propel Marketing Dispatch Media Group

    DMG+ThriveHive invites you to Connect with

    Digital Strategy Best Practices

    Event Date:  Wednesday, September 21

    Topics Included:

    • Using social media to drive hiring event attendance
    • Using targeted mobile advertising to reach passive job seekers at work and after hours
    • Specific products that support your annual recruitment strategy in a challenging, onilne and competitive market
    • Performance improvements and results of campaigns and initiatives

    Featured Panelists: 

    • Jill Kuhlman • ODW Logistics
    • Ryan Miller • ODW Logistics
    • Laura Hammett •
    • Emily Adams • DMG+ThriveHive
    • Jake Myers • DMG+ThriveHive          


    Power Recruiter Workshop 

    Event Date:  Tuesday, July 19

    Topics Included:

    • Achieving success in today's recruiting environment
    • Little-known approaches for reaching top talent
    • Monster's latest recruiting solutions
    • Candidate messaging that cuts through the clutter
    • Attaining real-world results with social media
    • Improving your company's candidate experience         


    Recruitment Strategy Best Practices

    Event Date:  Thursday, June 23

    Topics Included:

    • products and tools implemented to address specific challenges
    • Business and recruitment solutions that improve performance and success
    • Specific products that support your annual recruitment strategy in a challenging and competitive market
    • Performance improvements and results of campaigns and initiatives

    Featured Panelists: 

    • Matthew Vaughan • Interim HealthCare of Columbus
    • Christy Sheffield • AAA Ohio
    • Justin Hoopes • Quantum Health
    • Laura Hammett •
    • Cathryn Nelson • Monster          


    2016 Political Forum: Election Strategies in Practice

    A Forum hosted by The Columbus Dispatch

    Event Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2016

    Meet the Editorial Team:

    • Meet editors in person and get contact infomration
    • Learn how the editorial page's endorsement process works
    • Learn about and voter information

    Digital Strategies in Practice:

    • Get behind-the-scenes perspectives on the newest digital strategies, marketing tools and ground-breaking technologies for this campaign cycle
    • Learn about the latest in political campaign tactics, strategies and techniques including social media
    • Hear about digital innovations and things you can put to use right away



    STEM Recruitment Seminar - Featuring The Ohio State University

    Event Date:  Tuesday, March 29, 2016

    Topics Included:

    • Recruiting and retaining young professionals and women in STEM fields
    • Strategies for increasing STEM talent in the workforce
    • Examining gender inequities in STEM fields


    • Dr. Lisa Abrams • Associate Chair for the Department of Engineering Education           
    • Dr. Mary C. Juhas • Associate V.P., Office of Research           
    • Helen Patton • Chief Information Security Officer           
    • Amy Thaci • Director, Engineering Career Services          

     IMG_0008.jpgdescribe the image

    2016 Political Forum: Win the Vote

    This Forum was hosted by The Columbus Dispatch editorial team covering campaigns and digital media experts to discuss strategies and learn how to reach Central Ohio voters throughout the decision making process. 

    Event Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2016

    Our Forum Topics Included:

    • Get phone numbers and email addresses for Dispatch editors and reporters to contact with information about your race.
    • Hear how decisions are made about what the Dispatch most likely will – and will not – cover.
    • Learn how the editorial page’s endorsement process works.
    • Find out how to make sure you are included in the Dispatch’s online Voters Guide.

    Speakers: Alan Miller - Editor, Gary Kiefer - Managing Editor, Glenn Sheller - Editorial Page Editor, Doug Caruso - Metro Desk Editor, Darrel Rowland - Public Affairs Editor, Chris Pettograsso - Director of Sales, DMG

    View Presentation:


    describe the image

    Recruitment Strategies

    Event Date:  Wednesday, December 9, 2015

    Topics Included:

    • How to hire and manager through the arena of recruitment tools
    • Help attendees focus on best practices, through product and approach
    • Recruiting realities

    Jeff Graham - Marketing Director, Monsterdescribe the image

    TalentBin 101 Breakfast

    Learn how TalentBin by Monster can help you find that elusive, in-demand IT and healthcare talent.

    Event Date:  Thursday, June 4, 2015

    Topics Included:

    • TalentBin's search engine instantly delivers 360° candidate social profiles
    • Puts your outreach into overdrive with targeted communications
    • Automated follow-up/tracking keeps your talent pipeline flowing

    Cathryn Nelson - Partner Relationship Manager Media Alliances, Monster; Kevin Oreal - Director of Media Alliance Sales, Monster; Jeff Graham - Marketing Director, Monsterdescribe the image

    Evolving Digital Eco-Systems Seminar

    This Seminar was hosted to discuss how businesses can effectivley use digital media to adapt to the ever changing demands of business.

    Event Date:  Wednesday,April 1, 2015

    Our Keynote Speaker was: 
    Todd Richards, Head Coach- Columbus Blue Jackets


    Marco Capalino -  Marketing Director @ Kemba Financial Credit Union
    Marc Gregory - Vice President of Digital Marketing & Media - Columbus Blue Jackets
    describe the image

    Monster 101 Breakfast

    This event was hosted to discuss some of Monster's product lines.

     Wednesday, March 25, 2015

    Our Guest Speaker was:

    Carla Garrett, Monster Partner Relationship Manager 

    Products Discussed:

    • Monster Social Job Ads
      Give your Social Recruiting a Boost with Job Ads that are automatically targeted to candidates on Twitter.
    • Monster Twitter Cards
      Leverage Twitter to engage and recruit candidates.
    • Monster Talent CRM
      Use Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) can save time in your recruitment strategy.
    • Monster Job Ads
      Unrivaled job distribution, custom apply and candidate management tools, 20 Recommended resumes for each job.

     View Presentation:


    describe the image

    Affordable Care Act:

    The Affordable Care Act takes effect Jan. 1, 2015. Is your business prepared for the changes?

    Our Panel Topics Included:

    • Why you need to be thinking about mobile now 
    • Hot trends in mobile advertising 
    • How to best utilize mobile in your marketing mix 
    • Examples of Effective Mobile Advertising

    Making Money with Digital Media

    Discussed how local merchants are using a variety of digital marketing strategies to generate more business. We’ll cover best practices for Social, Mobile, Display and Video Marketing, plus actionable tips for generating more business today from Digital Media. In addition, all attendees will receive a no-obligation Online Visibility and Reputation Audit Report for your business!

    May 22, May 23, Aug 7, Aug 8, 2013describe the image

    The Local Digital Advertising Market - Three Perspectives

    Wednesday, November 14, 2012

    DMG+ThriveHive brought together three different perspectives on the local digital advertising marketplace. A lively group of local professionals joined us for our panel discussion, and also to learn more about DMG+ThriveHive and what we have to offer. Breakfast was served and prizes were awarded to a few lucky winners.

    Speakers: Pat Scott - Chief Digital Officer at Nationwide Insurance, Katie Risch -
    Vice President - Publisher & Affiliate Partnerships at Centro Media Logistics
    describe the image

    Mobile Frontiers - May 30th, 2012

    Speakers: Bill Caudill – Senior Digital Advertising Manager – Yahoo! and Anne Marie Begley - Vice President of New Media Sales, LSN Inc.

    During this session attendees learned:

    • Who is this mobile audience
    • What are they doing on their smart / mobile devices
    • How engaged are they with mobile advertising
    • What your mobile advertising message should be
    • What are mobile marketing best practices

    View The Presentations

    describe the image

    Mobile Recruiting - The Untapped Talented Engagement Channel - April 18, 2012

    Speaker - Michael Marlatt - The Founder and CEO of mRecruitingcamp, North America’s 1st mobile conference for the HR & Recruitment industry.

    During this session, attendees learned:

    • The Evolution of The 7th Mass Medium
    • 5 Mobile Myths vs. Realities
    • 6 Workforce Trends Impacting the Need for Mobile
    • Case Studies: Who’s Doing Mobile Recruiting?
    • Top 5 Tips For Taking Your Company Mobile

    View The Presentation

    describe the image

    Two ROIs of Social Media - Return on Investment vs. Risk of Ignoring

    Speakers - Debra Jasper & Betsy Hubbard
    You've heard all the buzz about the importance of using Facebook, Twitter or other social media to build client relationships. But really, what do you get for investing all those resources? And just how much is social media buzz worth anyway? We'll discuss the pay off for engaging in smart social media strategies, and also illustrate the "other ROI”—the risk of ignoring and the costs of missing out.

    describe the image

    Social 3.0 - Implementing Social Media in Recruiting (seminar video)

    Speaker - Charles Purdy - Senior Editor,
    Topics Covered:

    • The most important new realities amidst all the hype on “social recruiting”
    • How to apply a “social checklist” to your recruiting strategy 
    • New tools and resources for staying sane while staying on top of a fast-changing field

    describe the image

    Generational Marketing - Meeting The Marketing Challenges of a Multi-Generation Audience

    Maryann Baldwin, Vice President of Magid Media Futures
    Topics Covered:

    • The unique characteristics of the three distinct consumer generations
    • Insights into each generation’s media habits and expectations for advertising and marketing
    • Tips on how to leverage your media mix and creative messaging to optimize your impact, by generation

    describe the image

    Mobile Advertising

    Speaker - Anne Marie Begley - Vice President of New Media Sales, LSN Inc.
    Topics Covered:

    • Why you need to be thinking about mobile now 
    • Hot trends in mobile advertising 
    • How to best utilize mobile in your marketing mix 
    • Examples of Effective Mobile Advertising

    describe the image

    The Power of Rich Media

    Speakers - Jon Herron & Larry McDaniel, GARI Media
    Topics Covered:
    What rich media is, why it is essential to your company’s growth, the ability to drive purchase intent, increase brand favorability, drive brand awareness, achieve branding goals, and more.

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