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GateHouse Auto can deliver your dealership’s brand and message into more than 80% of the moments influencing auto intenders along their journey to find a new vehicle. The strength of our local, loyal audience…we have car buyers who already know and trust Dispatch Media Group.

Our reach to that local audience through community newspapers and their community-oriented online websites. Your ads can be seen on all devices and through multi-media…Newspaper, web, phone, Ipad. We touch your customer multiple times during their car shopping journey – their daily/weekly paper, their go-to website for local news and events, while internet browsing, geo-targeting them as they drive by or walk into your dealership (or your competition’s dealership), through high-profile sweepstakes and contests and much more!

Experienced auto sales, who live in your local area not some far off city. One point of contact for all sales – from digital marketing to print to contests to dynamic advertising you will not have to talk to different sales contacts for each – just one experienced auto sales professional. A support team of account managers to monitor your campaign and make data-driven recommendations for how to improve it. A $50M ad agency that understands what’s working and what’s not in digital advertising

We make it simple for you.

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  • Gatehouse Auto is part of your local community, knows your customers and your salesperson lives down the street not across the country
  • We touch that audience through online marketing channels, but also through newspaper, community websites, local events & contests your audience wants to be part of
  • One sales contact for all your marketing needs with an account management team that watches and evaluates your campaigns to better understand what works & what doesn’t – and recommends adjustments to your spend based on data
  • Gatehouse Auto is a Google Partner – which enables us to pass along Google’s insights, their extensive research on online consumer behavior – including specific auto intender behavior – and use it to inform your ad campaigns
  • Gatehouse Auto has a dedicated contact at Facebook to handle questions and issues for our clients