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    Four Companies that Reinvented their Employees Performance Reviews

    By: Dona DeZube

    Companies of all sizes and across industries are successfully replacing their employee performance reviews with more frequent results-oriented conversations. These four firms tackled the challenge of engaging employees with aplomb: 

    Millennials, you might want to watch what the $%!# you say at work

    Eff all of those preconceived notions your parents had about swearing at work!

    With jeans and hoodies replacing suits and ties and beer kegs sometimes being installed in break rooms, the tenor of office etiquette is changing. And with it, the language that’s acceptable is also shifting. In other words, sailors aren’t the only ones who are getting a reputation for swearing profusely on the job.

    Just look to the largest—and most vulgar—generation on the workforce: the millennials. According to the 2016 Work Management Survey work management platform Wrike, 66% of millennials swear in the workplace—28% of them do it every freaking day.

    Read on to learn what people think of swearing in the workplace and why you might want to wash your mouth out with soap during your morning commute.

    How to Recruit Like a Top Ten School

    By: Roberta Matuson

    Have you noticed how some colleges and universities are experts in attracting top talent to their schools? These schools provide employers with some valuable lessons in how to attract top talent.

    Here are some best practices you can apply to your organization to recruit top talent.

    Image matters. Visit the website of any top ten school and the first thing you’ll notice are photos of happy students participating in various activities. 

    These images attract prospective students by providing a visualization of campus life. They also aim to engage parents, who are usually involved in important decisions like college or first jobs (think Millennials.)

    Take a look at your company website. Does it generate interest in your workplace or are you tempted to quickly move on? 

    If not, think about your audience. Who are you trying to attract? Consider putting together some focus groups that consist of the sort of candidates you are seeking and monitor their impressions. Then make adjustments accordingly.

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