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    Why You Should Advertise Online

    We get it. Online advertising is complex and for most, it’s a foreign world that you don’t really even want to think about trying to understand. The truth is, online advertising isn’t as bad as it seems. Well, it’s not bad at all. What we mean is, getting a grasp on it isn’t as hard or as far away as you might think. If you’re wondering whether you should advertise your business online, the answer is most likely yes. Read on to understand the features, the facts, and the benefits of online advertising that make it a worthwhile investment for your business.

    Why Advertise Online?

    In order to have an effective marketing strategy, you must diversify the ways in which you reach your target audience. While you may be an expert on traditional marketing mediums like print ads, billboards or broadcasts, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity if you haven’t made the foray into advertising online. The reasons why you should advertise online are vast. To name just a few:

    How to Give Your Business a Digital Presence

    Start With a Digital Foundation

    Before you start to get overwhelmed with optimization, mobilization, engagement, and other “zations”, take a breather and think simple: build your digital foundation. Think of a foundation for a home or building. It’s pretty boring. It’s got no bells or whistles. Nothing special to look at. It doesn’t catch your eye. Yet without it, you can not have a structurally sound house or build off of it with aesthetic and functional elements.

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your digital presence, start here:

    5 Reasons Your Company Should Choose Geo Fencing

    Geo-fencing is a variation on the more commonly known geo-targeting – that is, restricting the placement of digital ads so they only show to users within a predefined area or location based on the user’s IP address.
    1) Ahead of the Curve
    "More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan." [7] More people are searching on mobile than any other device. Geo Fencing is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and reach an audience your competition may be overlooking. National campaigns are already moving to this type of targeting - 58% of national brand advertising campaigns employed geo-precise targeting (including geo-fencing and geo-behavioral targeting) in Q1 2013.  [1] Be the local advertiser ahead of the curve.
    2) Cost-Effective
    Targeting or "fencing" a specific location to advertise your message is more cost-effective and has shown to have a higher CTR (click thru rate) percentage. 

    6 Tips on Being Found Easier

    Greetings from Columbus, Ohio. As I was typing that it still didn’t feel right. I'm new to the Columbus area, originally from Cleveland, OH. In the nine-plus weeks I've lived in Columbus, I've noticed a few frustrating things as I've been searching for a new "everything" (doctor, dentist, car wash, gas station, grocery store, laundromat, gym, eye doctor, pizza place, pet groomer, veterinarian and doggy day care.) It's been hard to find these places online with proper listings, correct information, accurate hours of operation and correct phone numbers. It doesn’t make sense to me why a business would be ok with having inaccurate information floating around the internet. Some may not know any better, some may know and not know how to fix it, and some may know and maybe don’t care, I hope not.

    5 Ways to Make Good Pre-roll Ads (that people might actually watch)

    As a young Media seller sitting in a training class, I was told 50% of advertising works, the trick is finding out which 50% is working. Things sure have changed! At Propel Marketing with our dashboard capabilities, your online advertising efforts are transparent. Our advertisers are seeing a large ROI on Video Pre-roll. As there has been a decline in traditional advertising, an article by eMarketer share that by 2020, TV’s share of ad sending will fall below 1/3, whereas digital ad spending in 2017 will equal 38.4% of total ad buys. Below are a few key drivers of video pre-roll growth and what can be expected in the future:

    Do not reach THE market, but reach YOUR market

    In today’s market, you cannot fully understand your target market until you understand your own company. Raven, an online marketing service provider, published a great article detailing the value of breaking down your marketing efforts into individual segments, with each segment representing a different group of customers with similar backgrounds, needs and values. The consequence of such an endeavor is a campaign with better focus that is more engaging to your target audience.

    Think Local Online Advertising Is Out Of Reach?

    Think again. Online advertising is one of the most efficient ways to attract customers to your business. Unlike other marketing techniques, there is such a variety of choices with online advertising that you not only attract the attention of potentially anyone on the net, but you have tools for targeting a specific segment of the market. Most importantly, online advertising will help you convert potential web visitors to sales -- and that’s exactly what you want for your business. 

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