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    Small Business Wishes that just Might Come True in 2017

    By: John Rossheim

    What tops the 2017 wish list of small business owners and their HR managers? Items on the list include affordable health insurance coverage and improved talent-acquisition processes, among other things. 

    Here’s what the companies we checked in with are wishing for in the New Year to improve their hiring strategies and employee retention.

    How to Hire Quickly and Make the Right Choice

    By: Catherine Conlan

    For growing companies, fast growth can be exciting, but it also comes with risk. You don’t have much time to agonize over every new hire.

    And yet, bringing in the wrong people could send your growing company into a tailspin. You need to set realistic timelines and follow a hiring process, says Matt Doucette, director of global talent acquisition at Monster Worldwide. 

    Here’s how to keep your hiring pipeline moving quickly when you need it most.

    Compensation Strategies for Today’s Hottest Labor Markets

    By: John Rossheim 

    Some of today’s hottest labor markets are pushing the boundaries of compensation. Data geniuses in finance can demand a big bump-up in pay. SQL and Java programmers are needed in great numbers, and their pay is rising apace. Healthcare executives who manage to maintain both quality and profits can earn big bonuses. 

    But beyond those and closely related examples, the majority of employers are successfully holding increases in cash compensation to new-normal lows as part of their compensation strategy.

    Evolve your Employer Brand as your Company Grows

    It’s not easy to recruit top talent if you run a small or midsize company. But there’s one area where even the tiniest firm can shine: by developing a great employer brand

    2016 Small Business Growth: Why Some Businesses Plan to Hire

    Eboxlab, a company that provides IT support, is looking to hire. “Due to the influx of people moving to Denver and the increased business that’s followed, we have a need for more staff,” says Aryana Jaleh, Eboxlab’s office manager. 

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