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    7 Things to Consider When Planning a Digital Marketing Campaign

    According to Google’s Consumer Barometer Survey (The Connected Consumer Survey)[1], when someone needs information the first place they look is the internet.  This could be for news, information on a product or service that they need or want, and research on about anything imaginable.  Heck, I go to the internet for EVERYTHING!  In fact, over 74% of people in the U.S. go to the internet daily[2]. That’s over 242,645,260 people each day![3] So, it makes perfect sense based on how people are engaging with the internet that all businesses need to be online and have a digital marketing strategy.  If you don’t have a digital marketing strategy, I assure you that you have been left in the dust.  However, you can get yourself up-to-speed fairly quickly, and it’s really not that difficult to dip your toes into the online marketing world. Now, there are some initial steps to making sure you are ready to market yourself online, so check this article out here first.  Once you are ready, here are 7 things to consider before you launch a digital campaign.

    US SMBs Plan To Increase Social Media Budgets in 2017

    More than half of US small-business owners anticipate increasing their social media budgets in 2017, according to a recent study. Social media led the way with over 56% of SMB's planning to increase their budget. Digital Advertising, SEO, Email Marketing and Print Ads / Direct Mail and Content Marketing also show increases for 2017.

    What’s the Value of a Like?

    The blog below from the Harvard Business Review looks at Facebook "likes" to determine if they are an effective tool to generate revenue. As a markerter, I found this post to be extremely interesting, especially since Facebook is a key component of any marketing strategy.

    In a series of experiments, the researchers tested four increasingly interactive ways in which Facebook might affect customers’ behavior. First, they explored whether liking a brand—passively following it—makes people more likely to purchase it. Second, they examined whether people’s likes affect their friends’ purchasing. Third, they looked at whether liking affects things other than purchasing (for example, whether it can persuade people to engage in healthful behaviors). And fourth, they tested whether boosting likes by paying to have branded content displayed in followers’ news feeds increases the chances of meaningful behavior change.

    The results were clear: Merely liking a brand neither increases purchasing nor spurs friends to purchase more. Supporting likes with branded content, however, can prompt meaningful behavior change. This shouldn't discourage you from using Facebook as part of your marketing plans, but should, however help you to understand it's role in the overarching theme of your marketing strategy. It IS important for your brand to engage on Facebook since those who "like" your brand often times spend more money than those who don't. But, your strategy shouldn't stop at gathering "likes". Amplifying efforts with advertising can provide higher returns on investment while creating an opportunity to connect with the most-loyal customers. Read the full article below...

    Contact Us to for a free consultation on social media marketing. DMG/Propel is a Google Premier Partner and was recently named 2017's Best Digital Agency from the Local Media Association.

    Consumer Trust Is Evolving in the Digital Age

    More than 8 in 10 users trust print ads when making a purchasing decision.

    Jeremy Kressman of eMarketer.com recently posted an article with research indicating print ads are what Internet Users trust most when making a purchase decision. This insight indicates print advertisements are still very much alive and a valuable part of any marketing strategy. But because of the shear number of advertising channels available these days, print ads work best when paired with a strong digital marketing plan. You benefit from using a trusted source and mass reach vehicle, as well as the targeted capabilites of digital assets. And, as a Premier Google Partner, we can offer you and are experts in both!

    Talk to a Multi Media Sales Executive today! We offer free consultation and a digital audit of your digital assets to make sure you're getting the most out of your marketing efforts.

    Full Article...

    As the recent rise in spending on influencer marketing suggests, the methods and sources consumers use to vet products online is undergoing a significant shift.

    Capturing the Mobile Moment

    It’s not hard to see on a daily, no scratch that, an hourly basis the impact that mobile smart phones have on our behavior. Take a gander at any waiting room of any type of office and you’ll see heads down, fingers scrolling and swiping through screens. When you’re enjoying a meal at a restaurant, you’ll notice nearly every table has someone interacting on their device. Even in the corporate world, almost every individual at the meeting table will have their phones out of their pocket and right in front of them, making sure to capture every notification instantly.

    Best in Class User Experience for All Digital Assets

    Consumers are using many different devices during the consideration phase of the buying cycle. Are they receiving a "best in class" user experience with all of your digital assets?

    The Best FREE SEO Tools

    The Best Free SEO Tools

    Businesses are always looking for ways to minimize costs, so anything with the word “free” attached to it is worth checking into. We’ve compiled a list of the best free SEO tools any business can use to improve its website.


    6 Tips on Being Found Easier

    Greetings from Columbus, Ohio. As I was typing that it still didn’t feel right. I'm new to the Columbus area, originally from Cleveland, OH. In the nine-plus weeks I've lived in Columbus, I've noticed a few frustrating things as I've been searching for a new "everything" (doctor, dentist, car wash, gas station, grocery store, laundromat, gym, eye doctor, pizza place, pet groomer, veterinarian and doggy day care.) It's been hard to find these places online with proper listings, correct information, accurate hours of operation and correct phone numbers. It doesn’t make sense to me why a business would be ok with having inaccurate information floating around the internet. Some may not know any better, some may know and not know how to fix it, and some may know and maybe don’t care, I hope not.

    5 Ways to Make Good Pre-roll Ads (that people might actually watch)

    As a young Media seller sitting in a training class, I was told 50% of advertising works, the trick is finding out which 50% is working. Things sure have changed! At Propel Marketing with our dashboard capabilities, your online advertising efforts are transparent. Our advertisers are seeing a large ROI on Video Pre-roll. As there has been a decline in traditional advertising, an article by eMarketer share that by 2020, TV’s share of ad sending will fall below 1/3, whereas digital ad spending in 2017 will equal 38.4% of total ad buys. Below are a few key drivers of video pre-roll growth and what can be expected in the future:

    Mobile Search- Leads to In-Store purchases

    In this micro-moment world we live in mobile search is taking over desktop search and is proving to be a relevant driver of in-store purchasing. As consumers become more savvy and seek quick solutions if your brand is not providing a first class experience, you will be quickly eliminated from consideration.
    Think Google recently posted some great research about how consumers are using mobile technology.
    An amazing 76% of people who search on their smart phones for something nearby visited a business within a day. Still think that it is OK to not be competing on the mobile battleground?

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