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    Tips for Optimizing Your Small Business Marketing Budget

    Most small business entrepreneurs think they don’t have enough funds to create and implement complex marketing strategies, so they stick to handing business cards to customers and boosting one or a few posts per month on Facebook.

    Since insufficient budget is usually the biggest issue for small business marketers, we’ve decided to help them with the marketing budget guide that focuses on channel optimization. This is not one of these articles about cost-cutting that will tell you to shift your marketing to the digital sphere since the secret of marketing budgeting lies in choosing the most appropriate marketing channels. So, which channels are those? They are the ones that can be optimized & customized to best reach your target consumer.

    The best way to determine this is to use the Pareto principle. Find 20% of the channels that bring the 80% of the leads and sales. Businesses that use small marketing budgets can make this even narrower and choose 10% of all the channels they use. For most small companies, these would be the channels that allow them to target their best consumer in the local community.

    US SMBs Plan To Increase Social Media Budgets in 2017

    More than half of US small-business owners anticipate increasing their social media budgets in 2017, according to a recent study. Social media led the way with over 56% of SMB's planning to increase their budget. Digital Advertising, SEO, Email Marketing and Print Ads / Direct Mail and Content Marketing also show increases for 2017.

    Choosing the Best Advertising Channels for Your Small Business

    By Emma Miller (guest DMG Blogger)

    Choosing the best advertising channels for a product or a service is one of the most important tasks for every marketing professional. In recent years, marketing agencies have managed to incorporate the digital channels into their marketing mix, and now they are efficiently targeting their audience with both online and offline techniques.

    Small business owners, on the other hand, are left stranded and confused. In most cases, they don’t have the means to finance complex marketing campaigns, so they use only the channels that offer free or affordable promotion. This kind of thinking affects their marketing ROI and slows down the development of their business. In this article, we are going to explain the process of choosing the best advertising channels for small business entrepreneurs.

    Congratulations to Propel/DMG!

    We are very proud to announce that Propel Marketing, a digital partner of Dispatch Media Group and The Columbus Dispatch, earned Google AdWords Premier SMB partner status!

    Audience Analytics - Using Big Data

    Recently, our Director of Marketing & Research had an article published in the Inlander titled "Creating a deep analytics engine at The Columbus Dispatch" (turn to page 9) and I wanted to share it with you.  He offers great insights on how you should be utilizing data science.  If your company doesn't have the capabilities or resources to collect and aggregate this type of data within your marketplace, then let us do it for you.  Fill out the Contact Us form to find out how our Marketing services team can help you leverage Big Data!

    4 Simple Small Business Advertising Tips

    Face it the economy is tough and running a small business can be even tougher. Competition is fierce, time is tight and sometimes budgets are even tighter. But there are some things that a small business, or any business, can do to help save advertising dollars, increase efficiency, and move ahead of the competition. Following these simple advertising tips can make big difference.

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