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    Millennials, you might want to watch what the $%!# you say at work

    Eff all of those preconceived notions your parents had about swearing at work!

    With jeans and hoodies replacing suits and ties and beer kegs sometimes being installed in break rooms, the tenor of office etiquette is changing. And with it, the language that’s acceptable is also shifting. In other words, sailors aren’t the only ones who are getting a reputation for swearing profusely on the job.

    Just look to the largest—and most vulgar—generation on the workforce: the millennials. According to the 2016 Work Management Survey work management platform Wrike, 66% of millennials swear in the workplace—28% of them do it every freaking day.

    Read on to learn what people think of swearing in the workplace and why you might want to wash your mouth out with soap during your morning commute.

    Millennial Engagement: Provide a Path to Growth

    What does it take to keep your Millennials engaged in their work -- even at the entry level? 

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