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    STEM vs. Liberal Arts: Why Not Both?

    Year after year, opportunities in the STEM fields are continuing to capture more college students across the country. Unemployment is low, earnings are high and the demand for graduates is even higher. In fact, between 2017 and 2027, STEM jobs in the United States are projected to grow 13 percent, compared to all other jobs which are projected to grow only 9 percent[1].

    Did You Know - The Tuition-Reset Strategy

    Hi, this is Dale Ball and I’m the Education Category Account Executive at the DMG.  I’m reaching out to share vital information about the current state of Higher Education.

    Did you know there are a large number of private colleges planning tuition resets next year despite many experts’ view that the practice is a gimmick? The colleges hope to grow enrollment, contain student costs and prove critics wrong. But it won’t be easy.  Presidents and trustees at private colleges are increasingly interested in assuaging student concerns about affordability by slashing sticker prices, with a surprisingly high number of colleges and universities in recent weeks announcing steep cuts to next year’s published tuition.

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    The Tuition-Reset Strategy
    Posted By Rick Seltzer on September 25, 2017 at INSIDE HIGHER ED.

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    3 Trends in Education To Consider When Marketing

    The world of education is facing a blitz of forces changing the way we’ve always done things.  Technologies like massive online open campuses and mobile devices are disrupting institutional organization. Blended learning and the need for equal access to college credit opportunities for high school students are forcing educational institutions to make the decision to resist change or get ahead of it.  Read on for what I think are the top three current trends in education.

    Owning Your Market Position, Higher Education

    Columbus, OH is an extremely competitive market in the higher education sector and why not when almost half of our DMA has sought out some sort of higher education whether it is a few classes here and there, a bachelor’s degree, or an associate’s degree?  In the local area there are many competing colleges and universities all fighting for their share of potential recruits.  Communicating the value your institution provides will be vital for institutions that want to survive and thrive.

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