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    Retargeting: Why It Needs to Be Part of Your Advertising Strategy

    Your advertising reach campaigns may bring visitors to your site, but they don’t always convert to customers. In fact, according to research from MarketingSherpa, conversion rates vary from 3 percent for retail sites to 10 percent for financial and professional service sites. Many people think this indicates a problem with the original campaign or message, but that may not be the case. It could be that the prospect simply wasn’t ready to buy at that moment, but they may be in the future. You don’t want to take a chance on losing the sale to a competitor so you need a way to stay top of mind with the target. The best way to do that is retargeting.

    Embracing the Power of Social Media Marketing

    Social media isn't just designed for downloading funny videos or collecting online friends. It can also be the perfect tool for generating sales leads for your business. What makes social media networks so important in marketing?

    Why Search Engine Optimization Matters

    Without a doubt, the Holy Grail of all internet-marketing efforts is traffic. If you cannot deliver on this front, the prospect of selling products or services to consumers is slim. One of the ways that you can increase traffic to your site is by leveraging the power of search engine optimization (SEO). According to a study carried out by Outbrain, search is by far the largest driver of traffic to websites. In addition, 62 percent of all web users only click links displayed on the first page of search engine results. To find out why you should take search engine optimization seriously, keep reading.

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