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    2020 Marketing Predictions [+ FREE Calendar]

    Every year, a plethora of business predictions are published by subject matter experts in a variety of industries to help guide business leaders in their planning for the upcoming year. We’ve scoured these predictions to bring you the most important marketing forecasts for the year 2020.

    Here’s are a few of our very own predictions and trends for digital marketing in 2020, plus free resources to help you get started right away.

    Consumer Trust Is Evolving in the Digital Age

    More than 8 in 10 users trust print ads when making a purchasing decision.

    Jeremy Kressman of eMarketer.com recently posted an article with research indicating print ads are what Internet Users trust most when making a purchase decision. This insight indicates print advertisements are still very much alive and a valuable part of any marketing strategy. But because of the shear number of advertising channels available these days, print ads work best when paired with a strong digital marketing plan. You benefit from using a trusted source and mass reach vehicle, as well as the targeted capabilites of digital assets. And, as a Premier Google Partner, we can offer you and are experts in both!

    Talk to a Multi Media Sales Executive today! We offer free consultation and a digital audit of your digital assets to make sure you're getting the most out of your marketing efforts.

    Full Article...

    As the recent rise in spending on influencer marketing suggests, the methods and sources consumers use to vet products online is undergoing a significant shift.

    Google Launches New Data Tools for Marketers

    In staying true to providing their customers with the most up to date data, Google has recently released Google Analytics 360 Suite.  The Google suite will be comprised of 6 different resources, most of which are new to Google consumers.

    Their purpose for releasing Google Analytics 360 is to provide a hub to, “…track and store information about customers and their behaviors”.  For example, it will allow companies to track a customer’s experience on their site from start to finish, while only having to find that data from 1 source.  In today’s digital tracking world, sometimes it has to be pulled from multiple platforms, vendors, analytics systems or dashboards.

    An additional positive to this new platform is the tools in the suite will pull data from non-Google products.

    Providing resources such as, Google Analytics 360 Suite, will allow Google to compete with companies already in this space, such as Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce and IBM in our every changing digital marketing industry.

    Google Launches New Data Tools for Marketers

    To discuss Digital Marketing and/or Advertising with a specialist, please click here and fill out the form.

    Dispatch Media Group Leaders speak at Columbus Metropolitan Club

    Last week Kirk Davis (CEO GateHouse Media group), Brad Harmon (Publisher, The Columbus Dispatch) and Ray Paprocki (Publisher, DMG/Magazines) were featured as guest speakers at the Columbus Metropolitan Club. The link below will allow you to listen and watch as they address members and guests of CMC.

    Consumers still get irrelevant marketing: Why personalisation is the key

    This article illustrates what we have been saying for years.  One of the great values in digital marketing is its unique ability (thanks to 3rd party data) to hit your exact audience and only that audience.  This way you can be more efficient with your marketing dollars and ultimately increase the success and effectiveness of your campaign.  It still blows my mind when I receive marketing messages (display ads, eblasts, etc.) that do not pertain to me.  Consumers have grown accustom to receiving marketing info that matters to them personally.  They genuinely expect it.  In the article below it goes on to state that many consumers are still getting bombarded by marketers with irrelevant messaging.  This is causing some to go as far as no longer making purchases from that company.  Good read.

    Dispatch veteran Zonars appointed VP of sales

    Dispatch Media Group veteran Stephen Zonars has been appointed vice president of sales.

    Audience Analytics - Using Big Data

    Recently, our Director of Marketing & Research had an article published in the Inlander titled "Creating a deep analytics engine at The Columbus Dispatch" (turn to page 9) and I wanted to share it with you.  He offers great insights on how you should be utilizing data science.  If your company doesn't have the capabilities or resources to collect and aggregate this type of data within your marketplace, then let us do it for you.  Fill out the Contact Us form to find out how our Marketing services team can help you leverage Big Data!

    Columbus Dispatch captures audience information, ad revenue

    Here is a great article written by the Dispatch Media Group's Marketing & Research Director, Nikhil Hunshikatti on how the Columbus Dispatch found an opportunity to harness the endless amounts of data to drive revenue, tailor content, remain competitive, and more strategically appeal to advertisers and our news consumers.

    Utilizing Digital & Social Media, and Measuring Return on Investment

    Is Your Advertising Effective?

    It seems even the best have difficulty in knowing if there advertising is working or not. Measuring ad-recall is an immensely challenging process, especially in more traditional mediums such as print or magazines.

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