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    What’s Needed Now: A Workplace Culture of Respect

    By: Roberta Matuson

    Recent events have underscored deeply varied opinions in our country. More than ever, your workers need a workplace that is supportive and respectful -- a place that puts aside opposing views and enables workers to get work done together. 

    Here’s how to create a workplace culture that’s inclusive and productive.



    Create Opportunities for People to Work Together 
    You don’t have to artificially create ways for people to work together; opportunities will regularly pop up on their own. As manager or business owner, what you do need to do is to seize these moments. 

    Here’s how you can do this. Suppose a problem arises in the midst of a new product launch. Rather than summoning individuals one by one to your office, bring staff members together to brainstorm ways to quickly solve the problem. 

    In other words, be inclusive -- in both good and bad times.

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