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    How to Devise a Successful Email Campaign That Supports Your eCommerce Strategy

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    Social media affords many promotional opportunities, PPC drives a lot of traffic, and on-page SEO yields organic search rankings that keep on giving— but to this day, nothing bolsters an eCommerce strategy quite like email marketing. That’s exactly why yearly spending on email marketing in the US alone is expected to hit 350 million dollars by 2019.

    But like any marketing medium, you won’t get much out of it if you don’t think it through and plan it out with specific goals in mind. Whether the intention is to build loyalty in new customers, keep old ones happy, promote new products or establish industry authority, you have to approach things carefully and analytically.

    To that end, here’s how I recommend you go about devising a great email campaign that will truly back up your broader eCommerce efforts.

    Consumers still get irrelevant marketing: Why personalisation is the key

    This article illustrates what we have been saying for years.  One of the great values in digital marketing is its unique ability (thanks to 3rd party data) to hit your exact audience and only that audience.  This way you can be more efficient with your marketing dollars and ultimately increase the success and effectiveness of your campaign.  It still blows my mind when I receive marketing messages (display ads, eblasts, etc.) that do not pertain to me.  Consumers have grown accustom to receiving marketing info that matters to them personally.  They genuinely expect it.  In the article below it goes on to state that many consumers are still getting bombarded by marketers with irrelevant messaging.  This is causing some to go as far as no longer making purchases from that company.  Good read.

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