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    5 Basic Email Marketing Tips

    Email marketing is only effective when people can see and read your message. Ending up in the spam folder can be a dangerous fate if your company uses email marketing as a primary marketing tool. It can mean reaching fewer potential customers, lost sales and a decline in revenue. With such high stakes, you can't afford to make any serious missteps on an email marketing campaign.

    Pump Up Your Reviews: Help Customers Become Crusaders

    While digital marketing simplifies some things, it doesn’t change the basic rules of the game. People buy from people they trust, and they trust what they hear about you from your other customers more than they trust what you say about yourself. To stay competitive, you definately need your customers to be your online allies to increase traffic and sales.

    Measure Your Customer Service and Make It Great

    Remember the days when some companies couldn’t help but retain customers no matter what they did? If you are older, like me, you remember when the phone book was twice as thick, when people bought and used encyclopedias from a door-to-door salesperson, and when people would actually mail letters.  There was no internet yet to compete and then eventually become the norm.  These days rarely is a company that fortunate. Instead companies must plan, strategize and compete for every dollar.

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