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    Tracking Your Return on Investment

    [fa icon="clock-o"] Wed, Apr 10, 2019 [fa icon="user"] Leah Mallory [fa icon="folder-open'] Digital Marketing Advice

    blogUnderstanding not only where your marketing dollars are going, but the impact they’re having on your bottom line is perhaps the most important piece of any marketing puzzle.  The good news, it’s easier than ever to track these results and your return on investment!

    Why this matters…

    Understanding if each element of your marketing campaign is doing its job is going to allow for a more cohesive, powerful strategy.  Having this type of insight into your campaign will allow for you to make necessary (and otherwise difficult!) decisions like…. transitioning dollars to a more effective tactic, increasing budget where there is an opportunity for additional growth, or supplementing what’s already working with a new marketing vehicle. 

    Tracking your results…

    Call Tracking

    There’s no time like now to start using a call tracking number… or two! Call tracking numbers should be used specifically for lead generating tactics (like Search Engine Marketing, direct mail or print ads).  This will allow for you to know exactly how many leads each tactic is driving, and through call recording you’ll have complete insight into the quality of those leads.  It’s important to note that each lead generating tactic needs to have its own unique call tracking number, so that leads are segmented by tactic.

    Don’t worry, the phone number on your website isn’t going anywhere!  It is still your businesses main line.  This tracking method simply allows for you to understand what kind of return you’re seeing through your paid advertising.

    View Throughs

    Not all tactics are “lead generating tactics;” some have the incredibly important job of building your brand, and increasing your name recognition.  So how can you track the effectiveness of something like a display campaign? View through pixels.

    A view through pixel allows for you to see the number of individuals who were served your ad, did not click on it but came back to your website to get more information on their own. 

    This is an incredibly powerful metric!  For a consumer to take the initiative to seek out your business specifically after being served an ad tells you that you not only reached the right person, but that your message / offer was relevant to them, and that they want more information on your product or service!  Once they land on your website they should have all of the necessary information needed to convert and turn into new business. 

    Google Analytics Goals

    Setting up goals through Google Analytics will allow for you to measure the exact number of times users take a specific action on your website.  This action (as it relates to tracking ROI) could be a form fill or click to call, or if your website is e-commerce this action could even be a purchase!  You have the ability to track not only the number of conversions generated by direct clicks on your paid marketing tactics, but potentially the dollar amount generated by those conversions for your business. Take advantage of all that Google Analytics has to offer!

    By implementing tracking metrics like these, you will eliminate any guesswork and have a true understanding around what is helping you your business reach its goals. 


    Dispatch Media Group (DMG) offers tried and true techniques to build out targeted strategic campaigns, allowing you to reach both active and passive candidates where they are with an intriguing message to help attract the talent you so desperately need. 

    Consulting with a trusted digital specialist can make this process easier for any business. Contact DMG+ThriveHive today to help you grow your business with a strategic digital approach.

    Contact Advertising Now! 

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    Leah Mallory

    Written by Leah Mallory

    As a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at DMG + ThriveHive, I study and understand the online behavior and habits of your target consumer. Utilizing our full suite of digital marketing tactics, I develop audience-based strategies to align your brand with industry relevant content, drive leads, position you as the industry expert and ultimately grow your business and increase revenue.

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