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    Usage of New Tech Cuts Across Generations

    [fa icon="clock-o"] Wed, Dec 12, 2018 [fa icon="user"] Nathan Reed, DMG+ThriveHive


    When I meet with businesses to plan marketing campaigns, I try to dispel some commonly held notions about their ideal customers and the generations they belong to. Who’s using various digital devices and interacting with digital media isn’t always who you think.

    I’m staying on top of these trends so you don’t have to. In so doing, together we can help your marketing message reach its full potential. Here are just a few examples….

    Mobile Generations

    About 80-90% of Millennials and Baby Boomers, as well as members of Generations X and Z, own a smartphone of some kind1. While Millennials have long been seen as the early pioneers of smartphones, quickly adapting to the new technology, most of Gen Z have never known a world without a smartphone and are considered to be mobile natives2. These Gen Z members have more devices than ever at their disposal, but more than 80% still prefer their phones over any other device. With an annual purchasing power of $44 billion it will be more critical than ever to reach this evolving demographic as it continues to enter the marketplace3.

    When looking at digital usage across generations, it’s interesting to see how usage can suddenly change. As with Gen Z, Millennials are also heavy smartphone users. But about 80% of Millennials also regularly use a laptop, compared to the 69% of Gen Z who regularly use one3. Will this divide in laptop usage continue to expand? If so, it will be more crucial than ever that an advertiser’s marketing and content are created with the phone screen — in addition to the computer screen — in mind.

    While it has always been thought that newer digital technology might be more prevalent among the younger generation, usage among older demographics is actually increasing.

    Voice-related Technology

    Contrary to many assumptions, recent studies have shown that Baby Boomers are increasingly adapting and connecting to new voice speakers like the Amazon Echo and the Google Home4. These devices have found a place in the day-to-day life of Boomers and are utilized as home companions that have the potential to improve their health and safety.

    Voice speakers can be used to help remind their owners to take medicine, or to call out for medical services in the case of an emergency. In addition to these health and safety possibilities, Boomers are also using voice speakers as an information resource.

    More than half of those 55 and over have said the reason they use voice speakers is because they empower them to instantly get information and answers. They’re also more likely than Millennials to want deals, sales and promotions delivered through their speakers4.  As advertiser potential for voice speakers continues to develop, it’s important to keep in mind that the available audience might be larger than initially thought.

    Evolution of Technology

    As technology continues to evolve, there will always be new devices and new opportunities to reach customers. The difficult part of marketing will always be deciding how to best reach your target customer — whichever generation they belong to — in the most efficient way possible.

    The digital leaders at DMG+Thrivehive stay at the forefront of emerging technology and marketing trends so we can help you communicate to your message to your audience with effectiveness and cost-efficiency.

    Dispatch Media Group (DMG) offers tried and true techniques to build out targeted strategic campaigns, allowing you to reach both active and passive candidates where they are with an intriguing message to help attract the talent you so desperately need. 

    Consulting with a trusted digital specialist can make this process easier for any business. Contact DMG+ThriveHive today to help you grow your business with a strategic digital approach.

    Contact Advertising Now! 

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    Nathan Reed, DMG+ThriveHive

    Written by Nathan Reed, DMG+ThriveHive

    A Digital Specialist with DMG Thrivehive, I work with businesses small to large to create customized digital solutions to increase their online presence and attract new customers.

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