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    10 job search mistakes we'll never make again

    [fa icon="clock-o"] Fri, Sep 16, 2016 [fa icon="user"] Joseph Rolfe [fa icon="folder-open'] Recruitment, Job Seekers

    Because you'll rue the day you thought it was acceptable to wear clogs to an interview.

    Don't get too down in the dumps, though. Those feelings of humiliation aren't permanent—and oftentimes, your mistakes are nowhere near as ruinous as you think. Like these, for example:

    1. When you find a typo in your resume right after hitting "send."

    Let's hope Webster's decides "job" should have two B's by the time someone reads this.

    2. When you schedule a phone interview during work hours and can't find a place to make a covert call.


    3. When you sent a video application because you thought it would help you stand out.

    We can't quite remember what this had to do with having stellar administrative skills.

    4. When you build a robot to help you job search, but it ends up backfiring horribly.

    At least now you don't have to worry about automation rendering you obsolete.

    5. When you realize that cover letter you just sent has another company's name in it.

    You know what wouldn't have made that mistake? A robot.

    6. When you get caught hacking into the HR mainframe and marking yourself "hired."

    We actually don't know anyone who's done this, but probably not a great idea.

    7. When you lowball yourself into a salary that's half of what you're making now.

    Always negotiate. Even if you are a cat.

    8. When you let your doubts about your professional capabilities get the best of you.

    Cheer up, computer juice box thing!

    9. When you fail to perceive your true inner awesomeness.

    Don't be sad, emoji head guy!

    10. When you forget that all the mistakes and wrong turns are just pit stops on the way to finding true career satisfaction.

    Even if you are a cat.

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    Joseph Rolfe

    Written by Joseph Rolfe

    Inbound Marketing Manager at Dispatch Media Group

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