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    GMB: The New Homepage

    [fa icon="clock-o"] Wed, Nov 13, 2019 [fa icon="user"] Matt Miller [fa icon="folder-open'] Digital Marketing Advice

    blog-2The website has always been the foundation of a business’s online presence, right? A good website allows a company to tell the world a story about its capabilities and demonstrates the reasons to take an action over the many other options that exist. That being said, as the internet continues to change, so do the multitude of platforms in which today’s society consumes information to make informed decisions. It seems as though every day a new application appears with the intention of making things easier to find the best deal or business with incredible reviews and ratings. The reality is with so many stimuli puling for our attention, how does a business even get a customer to visit their website in the first place?

    The truth is, it’s a constant balance and there are a variety of strategies that can be put in place to make sure you’re front and center when a potential customer comes knocking. One Key tactic that is often overlooked is simply making sure your GMB (Google My Business Page) is up to date and actively engaging with potential and current customers.

    One could make the argument the GMB page is just as important as the website. A bold statement indeed, however, if a potential customer cannot find what they need from your GMB page after a Google search, or don’t see enough reviews you have compared to others, they may never even go to your website in the first place. GMB is the page before the page and here are a few examples of ways to make the most of it.

    Content is Up to Date

    Making sure your information is up to date is so important. Old phone numbers from when you started the business, or email addresses that bounce back or never get answered is not a good look for your business. Take some time to build your profile and add in as many ways to communicate and engage with your customers.

    Engage and Create

    People pay attention to reviews. Take the time to respond to both good and the bad. Someone took the time to write a review when they didn’t have to, and it is important you acknowledge that. With the good will always come the bad, so make sure you engage and respond to those customers who aren’t satisfied. Showing dissatisfied customers and potential customers you care and want to make things right is a crucial step to building credibility.

    Answer Questions

    You don’t have to wait for a question to be asked to have an answer. Put yourself in your customers shoes and be proactive by putting answers to frequently asked questions or ones that you think could arise. Make your GMB page a one-stop-shop so customers can make an informed decision to visit your website.   

    There are so many ways to get in front of your target audience these days within the digital space and it can be easy to overlook some of the simpler pieces to an overall campaign. These quick examples are some great steps in the right direction to accent a full marketing strategy.

    Consulting with a trusted digital specialist can make this process easier for any business. Contact DMG+ThriveHive today to help you grow your business with a strategic digital approach.

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    Matt Miller

    Written by Matt Miller

    With over 7 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development, I am driven by relationship building and the success of those I work with - both clients and colleagues. I am ingrained with the mentality of surrounding myself with driven and talented professionals dedicated to our organization and the practice of integrity. I am excited to be working in a position that allows me to help local businesses in the area achieve goals and contribute to the continued growth of Columbus, OH.

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