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    Why You Should Advertise Online

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    We get it. Online advertising is complex and for most, it’s a foreign world that you don’t really even want to think about trying to understand. The truth is, online advertising isn’t as bad as it seems. Well, it’s not bad at all. What we mean is, getting a grasp on it isn’t as hard or as far away as you might think. If you’re wondering whether you should advertise your business online, the answer is most likely yes. Read on to understand the features, the facts, and the benefits of online advertising that make it a worthwhile investment for your business.

    Why You Should Advertise OnlineWhy Advertise Online?

    In order to have an effective marketing strategy, you must diversify the ways in which you reach your target audience. While you may be an expert on traditional marketing mediums like print ads, billboards or broadcasts, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity if you haven’t made the foray into advertising online. The reasons why you should advertise online are vast. To name just a few:

    Cost Efficiency

    Small businesses are on a budget! Online advertising provides you with a great deal of control over your advertising costs. Not only are they generally less expensive than traditional advertising methods but you also decide upfront how much money you’re willing to spend, when you’re willing to spend it and for how long.

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    Measurable Results

    Into instant gratification? Then advertising online is for you. Unlike traditional marketing methods where you can generally only track success after a set period of time, online advertising allows you to obtain metrics in an instant. Know how many people are viewing your ads, where they’re seeing them, who has clicked on them, the time of day they receive the most traction. With so much information available you’ll be able to make informed decisions quickly about where you’re spending your precious marketing funds.

    Promote to a Targeted Market

    Advertising online allows you to pinpoint the people who get to see your ad. Unlike print ads or broadcasting who reach anyone and everyone in their path, online advertising enables you to promote very specifically targeted messages that don’t necessarily need to appeal to a broad audience. Targeted marketing is a much more effective way to appeal to a specific customer.

    Why Online Advertising Works

    Nielson conducted a study which found that companies who advertised online experienced an ROI of nearly three dollars in incremental sales for every dollar spent on advertising online (Source: Nielson). It seems that digital channels may, in fact, be paving the path to actual sales.

    Not to mention, online advertising benefits your business in other ways like:

     Increased website traffic
    • Heightened brand awareness
    • Greater access to your millennial customer (Users between the ages of 25-34 years of age have the highest monthly average of screen time (Source: MayeCreate) 

    Why You Should Use Online Advertising

    The returns from online advertising are worth the investment of time into learning more about it and/or about advertising services. In addition, the experience of advertising (not just the return afterward) offers more reasons to use it.


    The flexibility you get when advertising online allows you to connect with your target market no matter where they are physically. Think of all the devices you use on a daily basis and how often you access the internet! You could be increasing your brand’s awareness with someone on their morning commute or with someone doing some surfing from the comfort of their couch!


    Online advertising is also wildly convenient, for both you and your customer. As the advertiser, you can setup and manage your digital campaigns from the comfort of your own home or office. For the customer that likes to browse the net during off hours, your online campaigns will be there waiting for them because, well, the internet never sleeps.

    Your Competitors are Advertising Online

    If you can’t think of any reason why you should advertise online, consider this one very important fact: your competitors are doing it. Each day that passes when you’re not taking advantage of online advertising tools is another day that you’re losing market share to someone who is. There’s no denying that we are technology reliant and if you don’t meet your customers where they are you’ll be missing out on a tremendous opportunity to engage.

    Investing in a varying marketing mix amplifies your business’s success in getting front and center with potential customers. Online advertising has proven its success to thousands of marketers and small business owners – perhaps it’s high time you gave it a try!

    Need help with your marketing and advertising strategies? Contact Dispatch Media Group for a free consultation and/or a free digital audit of your online presence.

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    Joseph Rolfe

    Written by Joseph Rolfe

    Inbound Marketing Manager at Dispatch Media Group

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