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    Top Five Fundamentals of Mobile Advertising Design

    [fa icon="clock-o"] Tue, Jul 23, 2013 [fa icon="user"] Rae Lemley [fa icon="folder-open'] Mobile Advertising, Mobile

    Mobile AdvertisingMobile advertising is one of the fastest growing and most promising new marketing approaches.  Until recently, media venues have been defined by functionality and the surrounding environment.  Mobile has changed that.  The functionality of different mobile devices varies widely and the environments the devices are being used in are almost infinite.  In fact according a study conducted by Compete Inc., two out of three consumers use mobile devices at home to research education not just while on the go.  In addition, roughly one in eight education related searches are performed on a mobile device.  Consumers move fluidly across devices and platforms.  Advertisers must make sure their messages do the same.  With all of this opportunity packed into such small screens, what’s the best way to convey your message?

    1. Keep It Short- Remember the old rule of billboard advertising suggesting that all messages should be limited to seven words or less?  In mobile advertising, strive for clarity with five words or less.
    2. Keep It Simple… (You know the rest.)- Catch the reader’s attention and make them want to click your ad and learn more.
    3. Appeal to Emotion- How can your institution, program, or degree help the consumer feel better about themselves, more in control of their future, or more in charge of their professional lives?
    4. Focus on Your Goal- What are you trying to accomplish?  Make sure your ads echo a clear call to action.  Use phrases like; “Inquire Now”, “Explore Your Options”, and “Learn More”.
    5. Test Your Messages- Try several different versions of mobile ads.  Study your analytics and reporting to determine what works best.

    Remember that mobile advertising is an important part of the education landscape and purchase funnel.  33 percent of consumers use a smart phone and 21 percent use a tablet when researching education online according to Compete, Inc.  Mobile advertising can help close the gaps and integrate all your marketing efforts to meet a common goal.  Advertisers wouldn’t be spending in the mobile arena if the audience wasn’t there.  Don’t deprive a valuable audience of your important message!

    Having a marketing professional dedicated to your industry can help make sense of this evolving landscape and make sure your message resonates with prospective students.

    Check out http://digitaldeepak.com/mobile-marketing-in-2013/ for the top five mobile marketing trends in 2013.

    Rae Lemley

    Written by Rae Lemley

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