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    Customer Data = Advertising Power

    [fa icon="clock-o"] Tue, Sep 03, 2013 [fa icon="user"] Jarrod Miller [fa icon="folder-open'] Advertising, Increasing Sales, Small Business, Email Marketing

    Customer QuestionsEverybody has heard the saying “knowledge is power.” For business owner’s knowledge often comes from data, thus “data is power.” The more data your small business has the better, right? How many widgets sold last month and how many are in inventory? What is the profit margin on each widget sold? What were total sales yesterday, or last week? These are questions that business owners can answer quickly, and they are all derived from data.

    But, what kind of knowledge or data do you currently have about your customers? Do you ask for zip codes, emails or any other information at the point of sale? If not, why not? Remember “data is power”. A zip code can give you a better idea of where your customers live, and where you need to focus local advertising efforts, and an email address can help you reach out to those customers and generate additional sales. Our customers come to us all the time asking us to help model their data and help identify, and reach additional customers based off the data they already collect in house. This service generates results and customers know it and love it.

    Read this strong case study pulled together by Adam Sutton, Senior Reporter for Marketing Sherpa. This is a simple example of how a small business made a little data go a long way, and increased sales through email marketing. 

    Jarrod Miller

    Written by Jarrod Miller

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