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    3 Trends in Education To Consider When Marketing

    [fa icon="clock-o"] Thu, Aug 29, 2013 [fa icon="user"] Rae Lemley [fa icon="folder-open'] Advertising, Marketing, Higher Education

    Higher EducationThe world of education is facing a blitz of forces changing the way we’ve always done things.  Technologies like massive online open campuses and mobile devices are disrupting institutional organization. Blended learning and the need for equal access to college credit opportunities for high school students are forcing educational institutions to make the decision to resist change or get ahead of it.  Read on for what I think are the top three current trends in education.


    Social Media

    Social media is everywhere!  It has invaded every aspect of our lives.  Who hasn’t been out with a friend who insisted on “checking in” with every social media outlet every five minutes to not only let the entire world know where they are and what they’re doing but, where you are and what you’re doing as well.  Social media has made its way into most segments of the business world from advertising, to news, to entertainment.  It was clear it would creep into the education field at some point. Professors are creating class focused Facebook pages, posting tutorial videos on YouTube, and connecting with students on a more personal level through social media.  I’m not sure the latter is a good thing but, to each his own.  Educational advertisers are using a number of techniques to target prospective students through social media; job title targeting, special interest targeting, and demographic targeting just to name a few.  People have no idea how much information they provide to the world through social media profiles.  These profiles are the main sources of information making the aforementioned targeting through social media possible.


    Online Learning

    From free podcasts and online tutorials, the internet has made it possible for people to access some of the best resources from the comfort of their homes.  Seriously, do you know you can learn to do almost anything on YouTube?  I can learn how to change the oil in my car, repair my washing machine, or fix a leaky toilet online but, I won’t.  In addition to offering paid online classes and degree programs, some schools are even offering free non-credit online courses.  The higher education segment is extremely competitive especially, in central OH and offering online courses increases the pool of potential students.  This is particularly relevant in the adult and continuing education segment.  A lot of busy, working adults want to get a promotion, make more money, and better their lives.  A degree or certification often opens the door.  The problem is a lot of busy, working adults are not willing to give up the only hour on the weeknight or day on the weekend they have that maintains their sanity to sit in a classroom.  Many of them would be willing however, to participate in a hybrid program combining online and classroom learning or an online program that can be completed in the comfort of their own home.  If you offer these types of programs and degrees, be sure to include that information in your marketing promotional materials and advertising.


    Recovering Job Market

    Is the recession over?  Will the market soon crash and burn before our eyes?  Is the middle class vanishing?  It depends on who you talk or listen to these days.  The recession may or may not be over but, future college graduates can look forward to a less nerve-racking job hunt than their predecessors.  Trust me; job hunting for a recent college graduate has in the past, been no less than traumatic.  I spent the summer after graduation living in my friend’s apartment, refusing to accept that my college days were over.  I desperately tried to find a job (any job) that would allow me avoid moving back in with my Mom in small town America.  I graduated in 2003 when we as a nation we were still dealing with the fallout from 9/11.  Unfortunately, I was dragged kicking and screaming from my glory days of college to my Mom’s house where I remained for the next year until I found a job that would pay me enough to go out on my own.  The good news for future graduates is that according to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers expect to hire 9.5 percent more graduates from the next class than they did from the previous graduating class.  Students with degrees in one of the STEM fields will be especially valuable to employers.  If your institution offers these types of degrees, this is another great mention to make in your marketing promotional materials and advertising.


    To see other current trends in education visit http://www.edutopia.org/blogs/beat/education-trends, and for more information on crafting the perfect message and social media targeting capabilities contact me.

    Rae Lemley

    Written by Rae Lemley

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