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    Building an Effective Marketing Communication Plan

    [fa icon="clock-o"] Tue, May 06, 2014 [fa icon="user"] Jarrod Miller [fa icon="folder-open'] Advertising, Branding

    There is more to success than having a great product or service – if no one has heard of your company, you are not likely to generate leads and sales. In the emerging market of easy access to information, it is imperative that managers and businesses utilize tools to market their goods and services effectively. Otherwise, consumers and competitors will leave you in the dust.

    With so many marketing tools available, however, it can be difficult to know which ones are best geared for your consumer and your product. This ebook, “Top 6 Strategies to Build Your Marketing Communication Plan”, will provide six useful strategies that can be implemented in any industry. Read on for a short summary, or download the book HERE

    Strategy 1: Understanding your target buyer. All other strategies derive from this simple, but critical, concept. Developing a customer profile – or buyer persona – enables businesses to refine their marketing tactics. 

    Strategy 2: Develop content assets. This step will take the most time, but it is the fuel that drives new visitors to your business. Developing content across a variety of mediums is essential to getting people onto your website and landing pages. 

    Strategy 3: Distribute your content. In order to be heard and seen, you must have a presence wherever your buyer personas are spending time and consuming content. This entails some research – find out which search engine your buyers use. Are they on social media, or does your average consumer read magazines? 

    Strategy 4: Build frequency. Decide what a good communication plan is for your potential customers. Does it take two exposures or five before a response is made to your advertisements? 

    Strategy 5: Develop multi-touch campaigns. This means distributing your content and marketing your product through a variety of mediums, which is how most people consume information.

    Strategy 6: Measure your return on investment. This is incredibly important to understand which methods of marketing are performing well (or not at all). There are various ways to track which channels drive the most business to your organization.

    There are many tools available to help business owners market their good or service. Download the “Top 6 Strategies to Build Your Marketing Communication Plan” ebook HERE to learn more about building an effective campaign. By adhering to these marketing strategies, you will communicate highly relevant content to buyers that you deeply understand, in mediums where they are spending their time. Get started now!

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    Jarrod Miller

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