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    Columbus Dispatch engages readers with medical community partnership, series

    The “Silent Suffering” series on suicide, produced in collaboration with local medical experts, had a powerful community impact, generating online shares and engaging new digital readers.

    Understanding and Reaching Millennials (Generation Y)

    Generation Y, also known as the Millennials, is the demographic group that immediately follows Generation X. There are no precise dates for when Gen Y starts or ends, but most marketing practitioners peg the start year to be 1977 (which irks me to no end since I am 1976 born…and that puts me back one whole generation!)

    The Columbus Dispatch – Post Launch Diary

    It’s now been just over two weeks since we launched the new format of the newspaper in our market on January 28, 2013. A lot has happened since the time we launched the new format and now. We have had unprecedented reader feedback, great conversations with our advertising community and innumerable inquiries from other publishers across the country.

    The Columbus Dispatch…The Newspaper Reinvented

    For years industry pundits have been trying to figure out how to remain relevant and engage newspaper readers across the world. We have had publishers try the Berliner format, web reductions, stitched tabloids, eliminating distribution on specific days of the week, and in fact, some going all the way to eliminating the printed edition altogether.

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